In-App Protection

Keep your application, business and customers secure with complete in-app and API protection SDK. Using multi-layered approach Talsec SDK combats reverse engineering, app cloning/republishing, rooting, API abuse, Frida hooking, MitM, and much more. Available for iOS, Android and Flutter apps.

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Follows strict security standards and regulations, including OWASP & PSD2
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Actively protects the application
and monitors runtime environment
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Cost-effective solution to protect your application and your brand

Ernst & Young Cyber Space Innovation Award

We are grateful to receive the prestigious Ernst & Young Cyber Space Innovation trophy. Awarded to our cybersecurity project AppiCrypt, it represents a recognition of Talsec's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our customers.

We are also grateful for the dedication and hard work of our Talsec team, without which it would not have been possible to reach this important milestone in our ongoing mission of maintaining and setting the highest security standards in the mobile application industry.

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Handle App Security
with a Single Solution

With the unprecedented growth of the mobile app market, developers now have to juggle security, usability, functionality, and pressure on quick delivery. Talsec solves the security side of an equation in a neat package consisting of app shielding, API threat protection, client app integrity and OS integrity control, real-time incident monitoring and risk scoring, auditing, and data analytics.

RASP & Hardening

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AppiCrypt® API protection


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Runtime App Self-Protection

Counter threats from the untrusted execution environment with Talsec app shielding and RASP. Prevent rooting/jailbreaking, hooking, tampering/repackaging, accessibility services misuse, overlay attacks or unofficial store installation. With complex all-round protection, compliance with regulatory legislation, and the latest security standards, Talsec stands ready to stop any attack attempt.

Reverse engineering attempts (emulator, debugger)

Running hooking frameworks (e.g., Frida, Xposed or Shadow)

Installing the app through untrusted methods/unofficial stores

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Take control over app security with just a few lines of code

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Advanced controls that protect your app, brand reputation, and customers

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Easy plug-in integration
with minimal impact on performance

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AppiCrypt® App and API Protection

By design, the reverse engineers can find a place in the code where the RASP control resides and disable app defenses. We provide an additional layer of protection to make bypassing RASP ineffective.

AppiCrypt® offers API protection and prevents app impersonation using client app and device integrity control. It is a cryptographic proof of the app's functioning with real-time fraud detection and online risk scoring. AppiCrypt® prevents API abuse, token/JWT hijacking, fake botnet registrations, brute force, and DDoS attacks.

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App Security Visualized

Admin portal UI includes Dashboards, meaningful insights, detailed reports, and audit possibilities for individual specific incident, app instance or user Id

Set up watchdogs (email, Slack, web-hooks) and be notified about high risk incidents

Data access via API and Batch file

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Get Expert Protection Now

Try the Talsec app safety solution and protect your application and business from constantly evolving threats. Don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs with our cybersecurity experts.

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Integrate Talsec in three easy steps

Need to patch up your app's security quickly and without delay? With Talsec every app owner can secure mobile applications and protect their users in the most cost-effective way. Adding Talsec is so easy, that making this 3 step guide didn’t even make sense. Write to us, and we will gladly help you with any issues along the way.

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Import library to your app
Build & Deploy an app

Supported Platforms

Designed to secure the most targeted industries

Electronic Payments
Multi-Factor Authentication
Goverment Services
Digital Identity Solutions
EMV Switches
Banks and Finance

Comply with Regulatory Standards

Meet the PSD2 RTS requirements defined by the European Banking Authority

Meet eIDAS requirements of high assurance level

Is compliant with Common criteria EAL4

In line with
OWASP Top 10

Talsec RASP in combination with AppiCrypt cover most of the OWASP Top 10 mobile security risks. This multi-layered defense offers additional protection even against threats which are not included in the OWASP list.

Mobile OWASP Top 10 Talsec RASP Talsec AppiCrypt Talsec App Hardening
M1: Improper Platform Usage
M2: Insecure Data Storage
M3: Insecure Communication
M4: Insecure Authentication
M5: Insufficient Cryptography
M6: Insecure Authorization
M7: Client Code Quality
M8: Code Tampering
M9: Reverse Engineering
M10: Extraneous Functionality

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