App Safety
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Talsec offers App Safety as a Service. It includes App and API protection SDK, Penetration testing, monitoring service, and User Safety suite.

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Following verified standards of  OWASP & PSD2
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Security SDK for mobile apps

Detecting and preventing Android, iOS and Flutter apps from hacking attempts and threats. Monitor your application, device security state and enable customers to react immediately to high risk incidents.

Resistance against reverse-engineering

Prevent your app from being modified by implementing Talsec with anti-rootting, anti-debugging and anti-hooking features that provides resistance against reverse-engineering and tampering. Talsec suit includes Advanced root/jailbreak detections, repackaging control and  emulator detection

User protection

Provide proactive protection for your mobile app users by preventing Overlay and Accessibility based attacks and identifying Malware threats

Security monitoring

Monitor and analyse key security data of your application environment on a Dashboard. Set alarms, watchers and web-hooks to notify your backends, SIEM and fraud prevention teams.

Run-time application self protection

Talsec implements active app-shielding type of protection. It protects your Android, iOS and Flutter apps from reverse engineering even offline. Talsec constantly monitors the app's integrity, state of OS security and blocks attacks attempts from inside the application.  


Vizualize control over Mobile App Security

Admin portal UI includes Dashboards, meaningful insights, detailed reports, and audit possibilities for individual specific incident, app instance or UserId

Set up watchdogs (email, Slack, webhooks) and be notified about high risk incidents and Machine Learning based anomalies

Data access via API and Batch file

Get protected

Accessibility Service Abuse
Overlay Attack
Reverse Engineering
Code Injection
Man-in-the-middle attack

Hundreds of different diagnostical controls against various attacks we keep constantly improving

Benefits of Talsec solution

Originaly developped for high standards of fintech sector Talsec comes with many newest security features.

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End-users’ security intelligence suite
Control over app security with just a few lines of code
Embeddable visual evidence of app security controls

Designed to meet the highest requiments

Meet the PSD2 RTS requirements defined

Protects your apps against TOP 10 mobile risks by OWASP

M8: Code Tampering and M9: Reverse Engineering.
Additionally our mobile security team can help with:
M2: Insecure Data Storage and M3: Insecure Communication

Mobile aplication security verification standard

Secure your app and fulfill the requirements defined in OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard: Impede Dynamic Analysis and Tampering, Device Binding, Impede Eavesdropping

Meet eIDAS requirements of high assurance level

Is compliant with Common criteria EAL4

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Get your app secured and save bucks

With Talsec every app owner can secure mobile applications and protect their users in the most cost-effective way. Adding Talsec is so easy, that making this 3 step guide didn’t even make sense.

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