Get started with top-notch app security by trying the free version of Talsec RASP. Protect your app from reverse engineering, repackaging, or cloning attempts without any cost. Freely available for wide array of mobile platforms including Flutter, Cordova, and React Native developers.

Get Robust Protection for Free

Talsec freeRASP provides a free commercial-grade and easy-to-integrate mobile security SDK that safeguards applications and protects against dangerous behavior. FreeRASP is supported on Android and iOS, with customized modules for Flutter, Cordova, and React Native developers.


Stops the attackers from reverse engineering the app using runtime hooking tools like Frida or Xposed


Prevents attaching debuggers or executing the app in emulators


Blocks the app from running on rooted/jailbroken devices and prevents installation through unofficial stores


Provides protection against tampering with the application, repackaging and cloning attempts

Benefits of freeRASP

Compliant with OWASP MASVS
Resilience Requirements

Easily customized reactions to attacks and detected security threats

Simple integration without impact on performance

Weekly detailed security report via email

Mobile Security Driven by the Community

We believe that focusing on developer experience is vital for making freeRASP better and more accessible for everyone. Whether you need help with a technical issue or have a question regarding Talsec freeRASP, our developers will gladly answer them on our GitHub Community page. We are committed to providing you with all the details and assistance you need to succeed. Head over to our GitHub repo and help us improve the world of mobile security.

More than 50 successfully resolved issues and suggestions

130+ Stars on main GitHub repository

Used by more than 300 mobile app developers

FreeRASP is used by

La Cuponera
Novu Card
Banco Sol

What’s the difference between the free version and the commercial?

Talsec offers commercial plans for customers to:

  • Pass external penetration testing
  • Comply with FinTech grade regulations
  • Gain OWASP MAS Compliance
  • Protect APIs and combat fraud
  • Win time needed for coding app security best practices

The commercial version provides a top-notch protection level, extra features, support, and maintenance. One of the most valued commercial features is AppiCrypt® - App Integrity Cryptogram.

It allows easy to implement API protection and App Integrity verification on the backend to prevent API abuse:

  • Bruteforce attacks
  • Botnets
  • API abuse by App impersonation
  • Session-hijacking
  • DDoS

It is a unified solution that works across all mobile platforms without dependency on external web services.

RASP Version freeRASP Business RASP+
Advanced root/jailbreak protections Basic Advanced
Runtime reverse engineering controls (debug, emulator, hooking) Basic Advanced
Runtime integrity controls (tampering, app cloning, unofficial store) Basic Advanced
Device OS security status check Yes Yes
UI protection (overlay and accessibility services) No Yes
Dynamic certificate pining No Yes
End-to-end encryption No Yes
Strings protection (e.g. API keys) No Yes
Customer Data Encryption (local storage) No Yes
Auditing portal and API data access No Yes
AppiCrypt® - App Integrity Cryptogram No Yes
Mentioning of the customer in Talsec marketing communication over 100k downloads No
Threat signals data collection to Talsec database for processing Yes No

Upgrade to Premium for Unbeatable Protection

Not willing to compromise on security? Invest in Talsec Business RASP to benefit from enhanced threat controls, complex data analytics, security auditing portal, and AppiCrypt®, an innovative and powerful RASP hardening technology.
Business version comes with individual build and dedicated support that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Individual build and obfuscation
  • Threat reactions within the SDK
  • Self-care CI/CD tool for SDK configuration
  • Full threat data control
  • SLA for support and maintenance updates

Supported Platforms