Free In-App protection SDK and app security monitoring service

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Benefits of freeRASP

Talsec freeRASP Community Edition provides a free commercial-grade and easy-to-integrate mobile security SDK that actively protects the app from attacks. The SDK interacts with an online app security service that generates regular status reports, detects attacks, and make watchdog reports to the app developer.

OWASP In-app protection SDK

Attack watchdog

Security status monitoring

User safety

freeRASP Community Edition

Tailored for Startups and security enthusiasts

The Community Edition option is available for developers using Android, iOS, and Flutter. We encourage community contributions, investigations of attacks, joint data research, and other activies aiming to improve app security and safety for end-users.

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Only the genuine mobile application has the right to communicate with protected remote services


Customize reaction to attacks and security threat detection via API


Receive alarm message indicating critical incidents such as app tampering or cloning


Get weekly email reports indicating device security status and app integrity

freeRASP app security insights report

Benefits of Talsec solution

Originaly developped for high standards of Fin-Tech sector Talsec comes with many newest security features.

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End-users’ security intelligence suite
Control over app security with just a few lines of code
Embeddable visual evidence of app security controls