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Safeguarding Your Data in React Native: Secure Storage Solutions

While there are multiple options when it comes to choosing a library that implements secure storage in React Native, it is crucial to ensure that the data are stored properly and ideally without any known vulnerabilities.

🔒 Secure Storage: What Flutter can do, what Flutter could do

Do you use these packages for secure storage in your Flutter projects?

🔒 Safeguarding Your Flutter Apps on Android

Did you know that removing plugins dynamically from a Flutter app on Android is possible?

Protecting Your API from App Impersonation: Token Hijacking Guide and Mitigation of JWT Theft

Talsec awarded from Ernst & Young

Talsec celebrates an important award from Ernst & Young in nomination Cyber Security Space Innovation

How to Hack & Protect Flutter Apps — OWASP MAS and RASP (Pt. 2/3)

Following the standard and including a RASP suite will get you the best passive and active security.

How to Hack & Protect Flutter Apps — Simple and Actionable Guide (Pt. 1/3)

Either you want to hack Flutter apps, or you want to make them bulletproof.

freeRASP meets Cordova

Highly recognized freeRASP SDK providing app protection and threat monitoring for mobile devices arrived in the Cordova ecosystem!

AppiCrypt Is a New SafetyNet and DeviceCheck Alternative

AppiCrypt provides proof of app and device integrity for backends.

Philosophizing security in a mobile-first world

Cybersecurity has been a global problem for several decades. However, we are still in a phase where the exponential growth of security exploits leads to significant financial losses for businesses and individuals.
A Hacked App

5 Things John Learned Fighting Hackers of His App

In this article, we interviewed Business Owner and senior Android developer John Smith whose app BetterVision got hacked.

Missing Hero of Flutter World

Applications need shields and swords to defend themselves - they need RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection)
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In-App protection SDK and app security monitoring service