Android Traffic Control

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Be protected

Shield your devices

Attackers will always be trying to reverse engineer published apps to find a breach. Research by the Talsec Security Lab team has detected reverse engineering and tampering attempts within a very short time after the launch of apps that deal with sensitive user data and payments.

Best suit for

Android EMV POS terminals

Self-care Kiosks

Android Healthcare tablets


APP firewall

  • Block unwanted apps
  • Uncover hidden traffic
  • Control incoming and outgoing traffic

remote traffic monitoring

  • Visualized traffic activity
  • Remotely provisioned firewall configuration
  • Manage your device fleets individually


  • Supply-chain
  • Zero-day
  • Backdoors from firmware
  • Malicious 3rd party apps
  • API abuse

WHY IS IT important

Android suffers from bad manufacturer support, insufficient security practices, and easy exploitation. Talsec Lab's research discovered dozens of suspicious apps and correlated traffic on renowned EMV POS devices by prominent manufacturers in late 2021! Attackers leak data from thousands of devices using malicious libraries and zero-day exploits.

Get your device fleet protected

With Talsec Android Traffic Control you can ensure your device fleet operation will be flawless

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